Radical Federalism 
Puts power into the hands of people and communities 

Our philosophy

Aneurin Bevan said that the purpose of getting power is to be able to give it away. This principle underpins radical federalism.

The UK Transformed

Radical constitutional reform is no longer an option, it is an unavoidable necessity. The internal conflicts within the structure of the UK must be resolved.

We believe that the people of Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England should be offered the opportunity to make a positive choice for the opportunity to envision, and contribute to the creation of a modern, collaborative, distributed and open democracy – the UK transformed.

Who we are

Radical Federalism is a collective drawn mainly from Wales, but with representation from Scotland and England also. 

Mick Antoniw MS

Mick Antoniw practised as a solicitor for over 30 years. He has represented the Constituency of Pontypridd in the Welsh Parliament since 2011. He has served in Welsh Government as Counsel General and is currently Chair of the Legislation, Justice and Constitution Committee. He is a visiting fellow of the University of South Wales.

Alun Burge

Alun Burge worked for many years in Welsh central and local government, and for 15 years in international NGOs. He has also served as the Chair of a constituency Labour Party and member of its Welsh Executive.

Sue Essex

Sue Essex is a former Minister in the National Assembly for Wales, and former Leader of Cardiff City Council.

Owen Gareth Hughes

Owen Gareth Hughes is a journalist and political commentator

David Hume

David Hume is a consultant specialising in governance and public policy. He was previously the Chief Executive of a local authority. 

Alan Simpson

Alan Simpson was a Labour MP for 18 years, and from 2017-2020 was the Shadow Chancellor’s Advisor on Sustainable Economics.