EVENT: We, the People: A Welsh Convention

Join us at 12pm on the 4th of March for the launch of our second paper - Our Right  | The People's Convention.  


  • Beth Winter MP, Member of Parliament for Cynon Valley
  • Mick Antoniw MS, Member of the Senedd for Pontypridd
  • Kevin Morgan, Professor of Governance and Development at Cardifff University
  • James Mitchell, Professor of Public Polict at Edinburgh University

Chaired by Laura McAllister CBE, Professor of Public Policy at Cardifff University

Message from Gordon Brown

Prior to the launch of our report 'We, the People - the case for radical federalism' we received the following message of support from Gordon Brown (14 January 2021)

The United Kingdom needs to change and modernise; and I welcome leadership from Wales and the bold affirmation in WE THE PEOPLE of the case for a reformed United Kingdom which recognises the needs and aspirations of all its nations and regions. 

Politics is more than art of the possible: it is about making the desirable possible, and while not everyone will agree with every proposal, the importance of “WE THE PEOPLE” is that it ushers in a new debate about our post COVID country and offers a vision of a country where we are not subjects, but citizens, all enjoying economic and social rights as well as civil and political rights, and where in Wales, Scotland and the regions, people and local communities have more say and more control over the decisions on health, jobs, the environment, and security that affect their daily lives.  

Radical Federalism website

Website under construction

The Radical Federalism website is currently under construction. In the days and weeks ahead, we will be adding more content. Please watch this space!

Radical Federalism launch

14 January 2021

On 14 January, 2021, the Radical Federalism website and the report 'We, the people ...' will be launched. 

The launch event will be held on Eventbrite, and further details, and invitations can be obtained from admin@radicalfederalism.com